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Imagine a little girl scouring the shelves of her local library, maxing out her card with every trip. She spends her summer vacations traveling through space and time right from her couch, fascinated by the words on the page come to life. The girl grows up and briefly considers a career in medicine (very briefly!) before realizing she was meant to be a writer, eventually graduating summa cum laude with a degree in Professional Writing.

Fast forward *a few* years: I'm the wife of an astonishingly patient and considerate human, mom of two awesome kids, animal lover and sometimes foster of senior animals (the grayer the muzzle, the better!) with a passion for like-minded, mission-driven individuals who care deeply about making this world a little kinder.

I've spent most of my adult life involved with nonprofits, first as a volunteer, then as a development director, and now as a freelance copywriter with a focus on nonprofits. I'd love to let my many experiences work for you, with insight into what has worked with donors and what hasn't (like, at all).

Outside of program successes, the most exciting part of running a nonprofit is seeing that remittance envelope come back in the mail, or receiving that email with a grant contract to sign. The acknowledgment that you inspired people with your mission and the visualization of all the good that will come from their confidence in the work you do.  Donor engagement and cultivation don't end with good copy, but they can start there. Let's get started.


I'm always looking for new opportunities to work with fabulous people. Let's connect!

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